Crocodile stitch crochet baby boots

DSCF1184 DSCF1258

This is my first cochet pattern so if you have any questions please ask.

I used Alpin Farfalle yarn folded om two and 3.5 mm hook



R1: 4 DC in 3rd chain from hook. (The first 2 chain we skipped count as DC). DC next 13 sts. 5DC in last stitch, turn, DC next 13 sts, slip stitch.

R2: Ch2 counts as DC, DC in same space. 2 DC in each of next 4 sts, DC in next 13 sts, 2 DC in each of next 5 sts, Dc in next 13 sts, slip stitch.

R3: Ch1= 1SC. 2SC in each of next  8sts. SC in next 15 sts. 2 SC in each of next 8 sts, SC in next 14 sts, slip stitch.

NOTE: when we started to increase we did 2 dc in each stitch,  but in row 3 we don’t increase the all sets of 2. in the first set o 2 DCs we do one SC in first DC and 2 SC in second DC. In the last set of DCs we do 2 SC in first DC and 1 SC in the second DC.



R4: Ch2, DC in the back loop only of each sts.


R5: Ch2 (count as first BPDC) work in FPDC next stitch, BPDC next stitch, FPDC…. up to the end. The last stitch has to be FPDC.


R6: At this point you have to find 2 FPDC from the middle of the top toe to start decreasing, then count 6 FPDC to the left and 6 FPDC tothe right. total of 14 FPDC. Mark the stitches.

DSCF1226 DSCF1223

Ch 2 and continue with FPDC  and BPDC  up to the first marked FPDC. In order to start decreasing, work the FPDC and the BPDC together in a DC. DSCF1229

Do the same with next 13 FPDC up to the last mark, then continue with FPDC and BPDC , slip stitch

R7: Ch2, FPDC and BPDC up to the first decreased stitch from last row. DC2TOG 7 times. and continue with BPDC and FPDC. slip stitch.

DSCF1235 DSCF1236

R8: Ch2, FPDC and BPDC up to top toe decreasing. We have 7 decreased DC from last row so we work it DC2TOG, DC3TOG, DC2 TOG. Continue with FP and BPDC, then sl st and fasten off if you want to change colour like i did.


R9: Change colour and add the new one in the dc3tog from last row. Now we start the crocodile stitch.  Ch 2 and DC in same stitch. Ch 2, skip 2 sts, 2DC in 3rd st, ch2, skip 2 sts. 2Dc in 3rd st. Do this all around. Ch2 and sl st.

NOTE: I did’t count the stitches before and the last bridge i had to skip 3 sts, ch 2 and sl st. ATENTION: If you change the numer of stitcheswhen you chain for sole, you need an even numer of 2DC sets when you start the DC row for the crocodile stitch.

DSCF1244 DSCF1245

R10. Ch2=first DC, do 4 DC around the first DC ch 1, turn your work, then do 5 DC around the second DC from last row. SC in next ladder (set of DC). Take the next ladder and do 5 DC around the first DC ch1, turn and do 5 DC around the second DC.  SC in next ladder. Keep doing this until you work all the ladders, the last one has to be SC. Slip stitch in ch2 stitchs from first crocodile shell.


NOTE: If you need more informations about crocodile stitch, you can find a lot of video tutorials on youtube, and choose one that is easier for you.

R11: If you want to keep the colour, go with sl sts up to the center of the same crocodile leaf. 🙂 Ch2 and make a DC in the center of crocodile shell. Ch 2 them make 2 DC in SC stitch, Ch2 and 2 DC in teh centerr of the second crocodile shell. Ch2 and 2DC in next SC stitch from last row… this until you finish the base for the next crocodile stitch row. Ch2 and sl st in the ch2 stitch.

If you change the colour as I did, fasten off after the sl st. Add the new colour in a SC stitch from last row. Ch2 and do a DC in same stitch. Ch2, 2 DC in the center of next crocodille stitch, ch2, 2DC  in the SC stitch from last row, ch2, 2DC in the center of next crocodile shell….. do this until you finish the  base for the next crocodile stitch row, Ch2 and sl st in the ch2 stitch.



R12: If you kept the colour you start the row with a SC in the first ladder, then go to next ladder and work 5DC around first DC, ch1, 5DC around the second DC. SC in next ladder, 5DC around first DC From next laddet, ch1, 5DC around the second DC. Keep working all the crocodile stitches. Sl st in the first SC.

If you changed the colour Ch2 then work 4 DC around the first DC from the first ladder, ch1, 5DC around the 2nd DC. SC in next ladder, 5DC around first DC from next ladder, ch1, 5DC around 2nd DC… up to the last ladder, sl st in the first ch2 st.

Do the same until you have a total of 5 crocodile stitch rows, fassten off.


To finish the boot you still have to work the loop left out when you passed from sole to the boot. You do this with reverse single crochet (crab stitch). To make it easier here is a link on youtube with a video tutorial . Go with it around the sole then fasten off and wave in.

DSCF1277 DSCF1258

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32 de răspunsuri la Crocodile stitch crochet baby boots

  1. Paula zice:

    Oh so cute I have never made any shoes at all can’t wait thank you

  2. milliebrown zice:

    i have a question about row 6 and 7. where it says to start dec. by working fp and bp together in a dc. is that a simple dc, or is it around the post. also row 7 where it says dc 2 tog, does that mean around the post, or is that a simple dc. and help is much appreciated. thank you

    • danascraft zice:

      you first work fpdc half way and bpdc half way then pull yarn thru all 3 loops, like in the picture with the white mark. i hope i understood your question
      At row 6 you work them around the post each stitch. at row 7 is around the post, not a simple dc. you can see it in the second pic. i actually started the half fpdc there.

  3. Debbie zice:

    This is Awesome.. Is it possible to find this in an Adult size?

  4. Jennifer Gorrell zice:

    What size are these? Thanks

  5. Cyndi Travers zice:

    Adorable! Can’t wait to make them.. thank you!

  6. Ashley Goforth zice:

    Can you email me the newborn pattern please?

  7. Helen zice:

    These look amazing. I’m a little lost at Rd1. When you turn the chain and dc13 stitches the slip stitch ends up being 6 rows from the end. Have I done something wrong? Many thanks

    • I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question. You have to slip stitch in the first of your 2chain you skipped when you stated. You chain 17, skip 2, 4 DC in next. 13 stitches withDC last stitch 5 dc, and you got at the end. Now when you do the 13 st on the other side you do them in the same stitches you did the other13. In last stitch(the one with the 4 dc you don’ t work. Then you sl st in the ch2 you skipped.

      • Helen zice:

        I feel so sorry. I was actually turning my work the wrong way as if I were crocheting a blanket. This is my first time making circular work etc. So sorry for the misunderstanding. I persevered and realised what I had done wrong. Thank you for your patience.

  8. heidi zice:

    do you have the pattern for an adult? I want these in my size!!!

  9. Susan zice:

    I have a question concerning row 6-7, is there any videos showing how to do this. I am more visual than just following a pattern.

  10. Pauline Nahs zice:

    Would you tell me what size yarn the Alpin Farfalle is? I understand you doubled it so was wondering if that would be the equivalent to #4 Worsted Weight….or Sports Weight? Or Baby Yarn? Your instructions look plain enough…can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  11. I don’t know how worsted looks like. Alpine is very thin, that’s why I doubled it. Lately I use 3 mm hook . I like it tight.

  12. Sally zice:

    Wow! What a nice pattern. Thank you!

  13. Heidi zice:

    I made them with a size 4.25 hook with 5 bulky yarn and they came out to a size 5/6 and they fit awesome..

  14. Hannah zice:

    How would you adjust this for adult sizes?

  15. dianna smith zice:

    could you please tell me what weight the alpin farfalle yarn is ? also does ‘om two’ mean 2 strands of the yarn ?

  16. Ruth zice:

    My daughter would like these booties for her first two grandchildren one of which was born a week ago yesterday so I hope I can follow the pattern. It doesn’t look hard but some of the directions are a little confusing but I’m sure I can figure it out. Are the instructions in US terms or UK terms

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